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BUStoB aims to establish and upgrade large-scale qualification and training schemes in the Netherlands for craftsmen and other on-site workers. Thus it continued the BUILD Up Skills Initiative. The main objective of the project has been to develop and pilot missing training materials on EQF-levels 2 – 4 based on the future-proof qualification schemes developed in BUILD UP Skills Pillar II. The second objective was to construct short skill measurement tests that help to prevent building mistakes made by unconsciously incompetent workers, as well as the detection of skills gaps and the supply of industry relevant upskilling advice to craftsmen and building workers. The third objective was to organise regional pilots in which we focused on implementation and evaluation of the developed materials and regional capacity building. Regional training partnerships were supported with train-the-trainer sessions, regional labour market intelligence and implementation of the training developed trainings and assessments in practice in regional building and/or renovation projects.

Summary of exploitable results

BUStoB has delivered a large quantity of training content for workers and students in the field of nZEB building and building installations, as well as research reports and communication tools:

  • Training and examination materials for 20 modules at Basic skills level
  • Training and examination materials for 50 modules at Specialist skills Level
  • Training and examination materials for 6 modules at Planner & Foreman level
  • A Repository with errors during construction, nZEB technologies and green skills trainings
  • A description of interactions for different types of assessment
  • A functional design for assessments in the existing BuildUpSkills app
  • An extended BuildUpSkills app with the assessment functionality implemented
  • A memo with an overview of available regional partnerships and a selection of pilot regions
  • Six regional reports with an analysis of  the regional labour market
  • A compact report on and evaluation of train the trainer sessions
  • A project website, leaflet and presentation
  • Various types of communication means  and materials
  • A communication-, dissemination- and endorsement plan
  • Newsletters
  • Reports on endorsement meetings
  • Reports on national work conferences
  • A compilation of entries in national media
  • A report with the inventory and analysis of projects to attract women to the construction sector

A sustainable business model was developed to host and update the training content after the project period. The BUILD Up Skills advisor app links the e-learning and e-assessments to trainings provided by training institutes and could generate several value streams that might support the business model. These possible value streams have been evaluated in the second half of the project duration

Progress regarding performance indicators

The BUStoB project reached the following indicators successfully:

  • Six pilot regions in the Netherlands       
  • 50 new organisations and 670 persons mobilised to participate in the BUILD UP Skills-NL platform
  • At least 2000 people are reached through website and social media
  • From the start in March 2015 till September 2016 the total number of unique visitors on www.buildupskills.nl  was 2099. This spreaded over 3.464 sessions and 9.758 pageviews. 40,3% of the visitors where returning visitors and the rest are new visitors.


95% of all visitors are from NL. Around 5% from EU countries.


  • A huge peak occurs a few weeks before the workconference.
  • At least 30.000 consultations of the BUILD UP Skills-NL-app
  • Participation of at least 150 National platform members in each of the 3 national work conferences organised in WP5
  • At least 20,000 people reached by the dissemination of the action
  • At least 25% women in the construction sector reached
  • Active participation of at least 5% women in the construction sector

Maak gebruik van de BuildUpSkills-app! De BUILD UP Skills Advisor helpt u om uw kennis en vaardigheden te versterken. De app is beschikbaar voor Android en Apple.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 649737  

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